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The Story Behind Dreame

Dreame started as a seed of self-reflection. Sharonna has always been a habitual hoarder of her own stories and dreams, acutely aware of the intricate interconnectivity between her imagination, subconscious and the world around her. She dreamed of creating a space for the world and its collective imagination to coalesce in an organic and deeply personal way.

She started to build an app to log her own nightdreams, to record her conscious and subconscious. She soon began to link these entries to the music, films, books, encounters, friends and family that inspired these particular moments. While working on her app (in progress) she had this aching feeling that something creative was missing, that her work was becoming too autonomous. She decided to turn personal stories and nightdreams into tangible visualizations. Art is the purest form of self- expression, the closest one can be to mirroring a dream in the physical realm. Art provides an expansive look into the psyche of its visionary. Upon uncovering the vast similarities between art and storytelling she was determined to merge the two.

In 2013 Sharonna met Emily Smouha who was working at a contemporary art gallery. Emily wanted to continue a dialogue about the process of artistic creation and expand her breadth of experience into artist management and art’s relationship with the internet. The two souls connected and it’s been a match made in dreamer-heaven ever since. Fast forward a year and a half in the future and Bailey came along. With a background in editing, writing and production and her unstoppable enthusiasm about the Dreame concept, she was a natural third piece to the Dreame dynamic. Finally, the Dreame ladies were matched with their essential counter, the Ying to their creative and imaginative Yang, the man to make the vision come alive. With experience in front end development, UX and Devops, Yaron was key to implementing the online tools to make Dreame useable and aesthetic. With Sharonna’s in-house team and a group of incredible mentors, the concept quickly grew into the living and breathing Dreame community you see today.

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