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Dreame Team


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dreame to me is the purest manifestation of our pasts and futures. Dreame is the love child of my two halves: the ardent over-analyzer and the logistical entrepreneur. I noticed that somewhere between Whatsapp and Emails, the world’s imagination had been shut off. Following this realization, my entrepreneurial side kicked in to implement a plan, a way of using the world’s affinity for technology as a means for reigniting the global imagination.

I am the proud founder of a platform that is comprised of emboldened artists and eccentric dreamers. This means that ideas run wild and passions seep into the canvas of logic. As the CEO of a growing start-up it is my job to hone into the purpose of our enterprise - to speak the language of imagination with a calculated mission and to make lasting global connections. Every day I create a space for Dreame customers that is both a remarkable experience and one that will generate results to ensure my creative business development and marketing ideas will add to the longevity of Dreame.

Are you a Dream catcher and interested in joining our community? I would love to hear from you.

CONTACT INFO: sharonna@dreame.me


Co-Founder & Global Art Director

Dreame to me is a process. I like to describe the Dreame experience as sci-fi. Like venturing into the unknown and returning to earth, after being suspended in time and space, with only a relic of the experience. Our subconscious, like the internet, is randomized and infinite. Exploring the unknown is a recurring theme that prevails in the work of all creators and thinkers. Why do we create and how do we express ourselves?
My venture to unearth the source of our urge to create started during my Art History degree at University College London. Comparisons of post-modernist theory and 1970’s color photography led me to question the processes of viewing art. With my experience in e-commerce, followed by a drastic switch to working with fringe art, the dialogue of an authentic artistic expression opened its doors to my life and my professional pursuits.
At Dreame I manage all of our 50 brilliant and talented artists from all over the world and I continually seek out new and fascinating creators who want to experience Dreame and join the process of co-creation. I am thrilled when dreamer and artist support and create together, bridging the thousands of miles between them.

Are you an Artist and interested in joining our collective of artists? I would love to hear from you.

CONTACT INFO: emily@dreame.me


Content Producer

Dreame is a canvas to me. An open frontier for thinkers, makers, and storytellers, a tangible reflection of the thoughts and visions that consume the global mind. As the Content Producer for Dreame and all related media, my mission is to leave bread crumbs with words. To forge a syntactical path, leading dreamers to creativity, spirituality and imagination. By connecting words to art and art to people, we can all tell a collective story. My desire is to turn brilliant and inspiring minds into beautiful matter using words. I hold this ambition as my dearest token, an everyday reminder of my passionate connection with Dreame.

Very recently my role at Dreame expanded to encompass our newest brainchild Dreame Diaries, a peer-produced platform for the coalescing of words, ideas and art. Our newest invocation of a global creative awakening. As I brace myself for this new chapter in my Dreame world, I am impassioned by Virginia Woolf’s, ‘A Room of One’s Own,’ moved by the pure desire to open a serene space for making, sharing, creating and supporting.

Would you like to contribute to Dreame Diaries? I would love to hear from you.

CONTACT INFO: bailey@dreame.me


Editor in Chief of Dreame Diaries

Dreame is awareness to me. It is a honest, exhilarating, painfully joyous process into the depths of our unconscious, a place so hard to fathom and understand, yet so uniquely inherent to our being. This connection with an open and inspiring space, through the cohesion with others and the creation of something original and beautiful, is to me one of the purest processes of personal and universal awareness. I first met Sharonna about a year ago and shared with her a powerful dream I recently experienced. After sharing my dream with Sharonna, we both looked across at one another with tears streaming down our faces. Sharonna encouraged me to get my dream artified, an overwhelming and spiritual experience which I will never forget. Since that meeting, I became an informal ambassador for Dreame, prosthelytizing its good name to all those I meet near and far.

As an experienced communication professional, my passion and craft lie in in writing and facilitating community storytelling. My personal passion for Dreame and professional background has led me to the magical world of Dreame Diaries, a community for storytellers and seekers of knowledge, awareness and beauty. Let the journey begin.


Lead Developer

Dreame is a bridge for me. Not only does Dreame connect the weavers of words to the shapers of imaginations, but it shrinks the gap between myself and the people who participate in the Dreame experience. As the head developer of Dreame, I strive to enable people’s passion by creating an interactive environment catered towards imaginative exploration.

My role at Dreame is to bring life to the multitude of features included in Dreame's website and within its digital ecosystem. Apart from cultivating our UI, I spend the bulk of my time making sure we are building Dreame's technical foundations using the strongest materials and keeping our code base elegant and smart. By doing this, we allow Dreame to maintain flexibly and fulfill the ambitious path of this beautiful endeavor.

I remember the saying: "With great power comes great responsibility." In creating products which will be used by thousands of people, we web developers have the responsibility to make reliable, visually stunning and useful applications. For me, there is also a passion to create substantial software that will linger in effect even after the phone screen is locked and the laptop lid is closed.